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Dear colleagues,  
Given the serious situation of the Pandemic with COVID 19, and due to the Austrian authorities‘ prohibition to hold medical or social events, it seems that we will have to postpone the medical event entitled EUROSON POCUS SCHOOL VIENNA 2020, which should have taken place, on 5-6th June, in the new Hospital: „Wien Nord Krankenhaus“.
Faced with this, the emergency established in all European states, related to the COVID 19 Pandemic, the Austrian organizers(EUVEKUS) of the EUROSON PoC-US SCHOOL 2020 Vienna, decided to postpone this event on 4-5th December 2020.
We have received confirmation of participation from both Keynote Speakers, Prof. Dr. Paul Sidhu (EFSUMB Former President) UK and Prof. Dr. Shlomo Vinker (WONCA EUROPE President) Israel, as well as the others, distinguished speakers: Dr. Mateusz Kosiak (Poland), Dr. Sigmund Peter (Austria), Dr. Carla Serra (Italy), Professor Dr. Albert Varga (Hungary), Professor Dr. Roxana Lucia Șirli, Professor Dr. Dana Stoian (Romania) and main sponsors.
The conference will be held at the same location: WIEN NORD KRANKENHAUS hospital and we have already received permission from the hospital management.
The postponed conference is in the process of accrediting by EACCME, and under the auspices of EFSUMB.

The Conference is organized by EUVEKUS (European Association for the Development of Clinical Ultrasonography in Ambulatory Health Care) from Vienna with the support of MDX RESEARCH and other important sponsors.
With this pandemic, the need to use PoC-US in primary healthcare, especially in rural and remote areas, is further demonstrated.
Prof. Paul Sidhu will prepare a new presentation, regarding a possible ultrasound examination of the patient with COVID 19 by some POCUS skills, at our request.
We also have good news.  Prof. Adrian Saftoiu, the President of EFSUMB, has announced his participation at the EUROSON POCUS SCHOOL Vienna 2020.

We express our hope that you will be able to participate in  EUROSON POCUS SCHOOL VIENNA on the new date proposed by the organizers.
The theme of this Conference was chosen due to the ongoing need to promote and improve the practice of ultrasound examination among Primary Care and Ambulatory Care professionals. The Ultrasound is a useful diagnostic tool that requires special training that is usually performed by the working groups within the professional medical societies. EUROSON PoC-US SCHOOL 2020 will host over 100 delegates and approximately 10 world-renowned faculty from Europe.
The meeting will provide participants with a unique opportunity for sharing knowledge, and skills through workshops. Also, this activity will provide a platform for networking with many of Europe’s leading experts, focusing on reviewing and assessing best practices in ultrasonography. The meeting program will include presentations, hands-on training, and many informal social gatherings.
It is an EFSUMB Endorsed course, with European EACCME credit, and the scientific content of the courses is provided by professionals in the field of ultrasonography.
More details about this event and the registration can be done directly from the EUROSON POCUS SCHOOL Conference website, Vienna 2020 namely:

Please send this invitation to your colleagues who may be interested in this important event promoting POCUS or General Clinical Ultrasonography, in primary healthcare at the European level. It is a meeting of communication or scientific collaboration, among participants and speakers from two major European organizations WONCA Europe and EFSUMB.
We are looking forward to your on-site registration.
Dr. Mihai JACOB, MD, Senior Medical Expert,
EUVEKUS President.