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Rewriting the Future of Healthcare (INI)

We are happy to announce that the first Inventions and Innovations Symposium; Rewriting the Future of Healthcare (INI), chaired by Prof. Nadir Arber will take place in Tel Aviv, Israel on November 4-5, 2019.

The first of its kind, Inventions and Innovations 2019 will focus on bringing science and technology together; using technological advances to address how medicine is going to look like, next year, next decade, and in 2050.

This symposium will explore and introduce cutting-edge developments in healthcare, enabling us to truly examine how the future of healthcare might one day look. On top of innovative individuals, the Symposium has also teamed up with global innovation centers, whose soul purpose is to research and implement the latest discoveries.

Healthcare involves more than just medicine; the wider world plays a huge part in influencing and changing the way modern healthcare works

We believe that the support of the Austrian Society of General Practice/Internal Medicine will make a significant contribution to what we expect to be a highly successful symposium. We would appreciate it if you could consider INI as an appropriate event for the organizations support and advise us of your decision.

As part of your support, we would request the permission to include the logo of the Austrian Society of General Practice/Internal Medicine on the INI website, marketing material and social media networks.

Please advise if you would be interested in collaborating and if it would be possible to do the following:

• To publish the INI 2019 banner on your website and/or social media platforms
• To display/insert INI 2019 flyers at your upcoming events
• To share our content on your social media platforms.

In return, we would be happy to provide you with the opportunity to send promotional material for inclusion in the delegate bags and/or display table.

For further information, please visit our website: ini.comtecmed.com